Comedy Magic

Comedy Magic

Comedy Magic that is clean in more ways than one! 

Damien sees the funny side of life and his comedy magic is full of laughs, like his gold medal winning Laundry Routine from his original practical magic series. His humour is always clean so everyone can enjoy the entertainment without being offended!

Damien's Platform Comedy Magic lends itself well to the largest variety of events from small private groups to full stage performances. Damien has performed his unique comedy magic in a variety of venues such as restaurants, night clubs, outdoor stages, churches, on board ships and well, just about everywhere across North America and around the world!

Not a lot of space is needed compared to his illusion shows and the comedy magic performances are extremly versatile, so if you are looking for something that is engaging, magically silly, involves audience members is and performed by a really great guy then you want Damien's Comedy Magic.

We had Mobile Magic Entertainment's Damien Carriere at a Halloween party in my home. Magic for Halloween, what could be better. Damien did a fantastic job first mingling with guests, then performing jaw dropping up close illusions. The chatter and disbelief after was almost as good as the magic itself. We had a great time and really enjoyed the shows.
"The chatter and disbelief after was almost as good as the magic itself""
Terry Adamson
Westech Windows